On the Horizon: Living for the Debo Band.

On first exposure, Boston's self-professed, Sub Pop-aligned 'Ethiopian Groove Collective' Debo Band sound strikingly redolent of Dengue Fever ripped of dubious ethnic jargons, instead stitching intricate swirls of brassy instrumental narrative into the general jubilation. Fronted here by Ethiopian-American sax-tooter Danny Mekonnen – although their number also comprises the somewhat more conventional frontman Bruck Tesfaye, no relation of Abel as far as we're aware – And Lay is a glittering waltz; a scintillating mélange of swaying hypnotic brass, skittering snares and chiming treble-effusing guitars. A further, somehow more Yeasayer-slanted track from their eponymous debut, Asha Gedawo, may be acquired via Sub Pop's official site whilst the LP aforesaid is expected early next month.

Debo Band's Bandcamp.