On the Horizon: Milwaukee Space Cadet, Alias Pluto.

Every once in a while your ears trip up on something that not only restores your faith in this earthly existence itself but does similarly so with regard to your impression of contemporary independent music. Milwaukee's Dennis Ancevic, Alias Pluto does just that and does so, one may imagine, with a wry look of nonchalance beamed across the face. In Visible English, as with anything and everything plucked out by Music Fan's Mic, is an abundantly incredible and unmistakably aestival affair that's relies heavily on trebled-out guitars, daydreamer vox almost undoubtedly groaned out from beneath an unkempt ruffle and here, unfathomably impeccable production values. Forget the torrential deluges and fuck the football; In Visible English is summer made song.

Alias Pluto's Soundcloud.