On the Horizon: Nearest & ... Dear Leaders.

Scintillating sonics are drizzling freely out of Bristol at the minute, the likes of Empty Pools, and Towns, and Spectres etc. ad infinitum reconnecting the city with a more amp-ridden and ultimately instrumental aesthetic. Deviating stylistically from any and indeed every one of the aforesaid however – albeit whilst retaining that same sense of organicity – are Dear Leaders who, behind that picturesque artwork above, construct a sort of gawky majesty via chilling cascades of guitar, gelid spurts of synth, the odd incongruously warm acoustic, and ever more odd and oddly empowering Paul O'Grady diatribes. The Not Summer EP standout is, shock horror, Not Summer: a Kraut-y surge that disorientates as much as it delights, especially under such dismal meteorological conditions. Go stream:

Dear Leaders' Bandcamp.