On the Horizon: Rutting. StaG.

The concept of Michael Hadreas toning down the despondence in order to hone something altogether more aestival is scarcely plausible. However unplug preconceptions from the overriding moroseness of Put Your Back N 2 It and indeed remove headphones from the thing for a moment, for L.A. trio StaG channel such sublime mellifluousness into something that's more airy than it is in any way oppressive. Summerfoot is the second slab to be carved from the band's sophomore full-length When It Falls Apart and aptly it's the sort of fragile delicacy to crumble the heart as it enlightens the ear. Like Peaking Lights casting Craft Spells, it's a startling introduction to a diligent outfit glaring out from the innate indolence of The Golden State.