Belted for the Pelt. Dirty Projectors.

Featuring as one half of a limited 7" to have accompanied the majestic Swing Lo Magellan in certain UK indies, the reasoning as to why Buckle Up wasn't included on the finalised tracklisting for the metamorphic New Yorkers' sixth full-length is fairly patent. An acoustic blitz of sorts, it perhaps doesn't quite fit with the 'Dirty Projectors do lucid accessibility' feel to the LP although as such it's a totally perfect B-side in every essence: peripheral, yet explanatory of a particular temporal method. Practically over before it's properly begun, Longstreth muses on all things amorous: "You and me are lovers/ We both love each other" he decrees as though some madcap governor of ardour before his lyrics come under fire from an arsenal of cymbal clatter and guitar derangement as though an army of irate Cupids had heard enough. Well worth hearing however, Buckle up proves an undoubtedly essential accompaniment to Swing Lo Magellan.

Dirty Projectors play Camden's Roundhouse October 17th.