On the Horizon: It all began with a clack, Percussions.

Having débuted a track ambiguously entitled Percussions One on Four Tet's imperious Fabriclive 59 mix of yesteryear, and given the shuffly yet supremely melodious propensities of Bird Songs one may postulate that Percussions may well be a pseudonymic guise of Hebden himself. Occupying one side of TEXT017 (the altogether more, um, percussive Rabbit Songs pigs the flipside) he's just seeped this vaguely avifaunal number from his Soundcloud and given that it to all extensive purposes resembles a darkened billow of murky electronica, sounding like Plastic People sooted like a tarred lung, it's most probably him. Irregardless, it's an extremely accomplished affair: birdsong soon goes up in a shower of dismembered feathers as a baleful rhythm kicks in, only to soon be overshadowed by a penetrative thump that'd have Rocketnumbernine cowering up in their astral orbit.

Clamour for the 12" here via Phonica.