Can You Make a Woman Out of Me? M.I.A.

Is William Orbit the "dude" to get the best out of M.I.A.? Perhaps not on the evidence of Baby, a newly outed demo that sounds a heck of a load like Madonna circa-2k and feels equally outrĂ© to her last sighting when she overhauled Jay-Z's Hackney Weekend headline stint for negligible apparent reason. All dial tone glitch, crunchy stadium-styled guitars, minimal blip rhythmery and appositely babyish vocals, Arulpragasam quizzes: "Ooh! Can you make a woman out of me?" atop condensed guitars twanged straight outta Music. Whether her baby in question be Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman or another is altogether irrelevant when she's such a frivolous minimal pop bruiser at her disposal and returning to once again pervert the course of the mainstream with damning subversion, as ever she's best when behaving according to immaturity; puerility; at times asininity.