Livin' that Transcendental Youth, the Mountain Goats.

By and large, when you set to warp out on anything from John Darnielle's the Mountain Goats you know what you impatiently expect, as languorous acoustics tend to be twinned with doleful, if ever eloquent social commentaries. Momentarily seduced by the surreal, Darnielle seems to subscribe quite staunchly to the if it ain't broke mentality and it's served him unspeakably well for days, months, weeks, and years. With Cry for Judas however, a first insight into forthcoming FOURTEENTH, Transcendental Youth the trend is unapologetically bucked as the track commences amid a blare of bugle-like horn. As such even the most dependable of predictability is mistranslated to the unpredictable, and by all things nonphysical – young and old – is it preferable when concentratedly Darnielle and not Darnielle plus Medieval warblers and the ever gallant Owen Pallett, as it was back in April.

Transcendental Youth is impatiently expected October 8th on Tomlab.