Moving On, Chelsea Light Moving.

It's none too often we infatuationists, faddists and obsessives get to observe the every manoeuvre of any given band, although that we get to do so with the inimitable Thurston Moore's latest project, Chelsea Light Moving, is a compelling thing in itself. That this one, Frank O'Hara Hit, betters both Burroughs and Groovy & Linda only enhances adoration and indeed belief in his latest musical succursal. Dropped in commemoration of Moore's 54th birthday, it's a feisty lil' number that sounds as though Josh Homme got his nicotine-tanned paws on it somewhere along the production line as it waxes and wanes dramatically. And what's more, in a www. in which every musically engineered Google search is proceeded by "mp3 free" or similar, this one's another freeb. Evidently more giver than receiver, it's quite the gift to be able to metaphysically acquire Chelsea Light Moving's every endeavour as and when readied. And heck; we're about ready for a full-length.

DOWNLOAD: Chelsea Light Moving, Frank O'Hara Hit.

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