On the Horizon: Positive Inklings, oddlogic.

Ambient soundscapes sparingly scattered with tendrils and sprigs of warmly fuzzed drone have become so commonplace contemporarily that you'd be forgiven for not capitalising on every photo op as you hurtle through this blogosphere topography. However not stopping to fully appreciate Brooklyn's Alex Gohorel as he works up something of a typhonic maelstrom of electronic wonderment under the umbrella of oddlogic would be rather injudicious: his Inkling effort is an imperious one that, impervious to his young age, proves astonishingly consummate. That he be both label manager and creative director of Outlier Recordings, and product manager of Tuff City Records too puts most post-adolescents to a ruddy shade of shame. That he then finds time to compose these lusciously scenic aural spaces is almost impractically astounding: Sung comes across as an Asiatic blitz of gentle swells and heady Teengirl Fantasies that's as intrinsically indebted to the gongs and glitch of Gold Panda, as it is to Orbital's blissful washes of tranquility, as it is the more organic end of Panda Bear's polychromatics.

Left, meanwhile, is something of a sonic mapping of Bristol's heterogeneous city centre as a moist ambience is offset by what sounds the cocking of shotguns, this healthy juxtaposition suffused with maimed and muffled interjections of vocal sample. Well worth keeping a couple ears on, is Gohorel.