Ungodly Apostate, Swans.

As far as the return of the rightfully deified cult figureheads of drone-induced post-punk, Swans, is concerned a 10-minute edit of forthcoming LP closer The Apostate is, appositely, Michael Gira et al. at their most gloriously ungodly. The Seer – expected next month – is a purportedly brutal, wickedly malevolent effort primed to hound two hours of your life with its every indulgence of which, if this clangourous behemoth is anything to go by, we'll accommodate for umpteen. For like Christopher Tyng's Theme from Futurama savaged by sharpened human canines, frenetic horns, death grunts and bone-coiffured primordiality it's a shuddering, cranium-splintering return. And that there download below is quite literally less than the 'alf of it.

DOWNLOAD: Swans, The Apostate.

The Seer is expected August 27th via Young God Records.