Moving Closer to Grovy, Chelsea Light Moving.

Late last month we got hot, bothered and frothy of mouth over that initial peep into Thurston Moore's latest endeavour, Chelsea Light Moving. And, continuing to go all out on that preferred D.I.Y. aesthetic of his, here's another MP3 carelessly hurled out into the great world wide web: Groovy & Linda is a foreseeably scruffy yet somehow refined brainchurn of dishevelled lo-fi brilliance. It is, in Moore's very own and inconceivably eloquent words, 'Not to be confused with the 1968 coffee house folk song by Tom Parrott (recorded for Smithsonian Folkways), this chug n’ shred burner is a psycho reflection of late 60s NYC East Village hippie idealism slayed and splayed in an Avenue B tenement boiler room.' Basically it sounds loose, fuzzy and faintly ominous for the most part, before breaking out into a pretty haphazard final few moments which in turn sound a ton like Liars were Liars, Sisterworld and WIXIW all chucked into the ongoing midst of an impassioned chainsaw-cum-Fender buzzsaw bloodbath.

DOWNLOAD: Chelsea Light Moving, Groovy & Linda.

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