On the Horizon: Bricklaying, Kagoule.

A chimerical, if light-hearted beast is Made Of Concrete from almost unfeasibly youthful Nottingham upstarts Kagoule: guitars that sound as though noodles cooked up by Romy Madley Croft's lethargic, Les Paul-caressing fingers whilst she plays away to Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News chime quite prominently atop vox redolent of those meekly hummed by Edward Leeson. Yet it's not all retrospective referencing and overjoyed ambling across pastures trodden, for Made Of Concrete is something of an anomaly in that it's a scruffy pop song – the sort chiselled out of the catacombs what house the entire Sub Pop discog – that scarcely and only momentarily relies on words and wit, instead propelled by a musical ebullience as we're strung along by a particularly strong instrumental narrative. Teaching we old timers a thing or two, eh?

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