On the Horizon: Konnichiwa, Yosi Horikawa.

Chiba's minimal ambientalist Yosi Horikawa seems just so overwhelmingly tantamount to Japan's take on Kieran Hebden that it's almost eerie. The similarities between much of There Is Love In You and his recent Wandering EP are uncanny and proverbially, such similitude strangely feels like the perturbing of a scrupulously raked Zen garden. However when such inviting ambience is at play, there's cause for celebration in such semblance for placid, peaceful and inexplicably pleasant be both. The first time I encroached upon Horikawa's meticulous yet notably facile Bubbles, I was simultaneously ingesting some further info on Ufabulum and as the track initially simmers amid an acute mesh of processed pingpong ball bounces and indistinct clicks, the impeccable production values and concerted subversion perhaps front the pretensions of Tom Jenkinson a touch. Yet where he may employ said samples to a gimmicky, and ultimately superfluous effect Horikawa here manipulates to maintain their off-kilter, if metronomic rhythm throughout the track. These inexpressibly organic noteless cadences therefore repeatedly rebound off discernibly aqueous surges of lusciously soft chord as though they were indeed bubbles themselves, rising to the surface only to instantaneously re-submerge in such comforting lull.