On the Horizon: Epic & Blues, Olugbenga.

The relevance of the Adelekan kin to contemporary independent music has now become all but inexorably overt, and with Seye secreting such stuff as White Noise and Gbenga propelling Metronomy to such great heights the likes of which Ben Gibbard could only dream of escalading that's an eminently positive thing. And the latter, now operating under the Olugbenga moniker as a DJ extraordinaire (he's just got back from Croatia's Soundwave if you're looking for conclusive certification of his adroitness in plating up) has this week released a freeb in Epic & Blues. The very epitome of an indie release within the context of this transitional, if technologically embracive age this 7-track comprises reconstituted edits of Adelekan's remixing of the likes of Esben & The Witch & Three Trapped Tigers & Error Operator, and is now available for the princely sum of £– via his Soundcloud. However it's his only (almost) entirely original full-length cut, Deeper Hidden Meaning, that really pricks the ears only to subsequently string them up on sharpened tenterhooks as an oneiric vocal ethereality remains a constant, piercing the soundclash aesthetic that the track progressively adopts. It's unabashedly epic – and worthily so – as its vast expansiveness is tempered with a watery neutrality although that's about as blue as this particular one gets as it enwraps itself in a warm euphoria. Deep, meaningful and irrefutably majestic.

Olugbenga's Soundcloud.