Swimming in Adult Content. Flying Lotus w/ Earl Sweatshirt.

Needless to say it's another Odd Futurite who's gone on to pick up every last plaudit these past few weeks as though they were but dropped conkers come autumn, although in teaming up with Steven Ellison, or Mr. Brainfeeder, or Flying Lotus the potty-mouthed, baritonally voiced Earl Sweatshirt has put himself on the intricate mappings of the internet too. The sixth and latest release in Adult Swim's 2012 Singles Program (which already includes contributions from The Field and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, amongst others) is entitled Between Friends, and represents a skittish flitter between variegated genres, styles and substances. Reminiscent both of The Mouse & The Mask and Ellison's recent sets at Barça's Sónar, we're treated to fluid soul, downtempo Dirty Projectors-via-Hebden's SP-303s and jazzed down hip hop over three freshly pressed juice-fresh minutes.

DOWNLOAD: Flying Lotus & Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy, Between Friends.