Tru Say, Rocketnumbernine.

Even over a month on every tastemaking bud thirsts for the throb that first greets you upon entrance to the ineluctable onslaught of Sónar de Noche. As such anything arrhythmic fails miserably in setting the pulse to agitated race. The likes of Walls and Yeasayer excelled at getting the old heart rate rapid last weekend, as did LDR (just as she coincidentally did back in Barça) although that may be for rather contrastive motives. Mercifully then the ever reliable sibling pairing of Ben and Tom Page, aka Rocketnumbernine, are well versed – or rather programmed in these sorts of things and consequently their rework of USRNM's Tru Say gives a dreary, if wearyingly balmy midsummer afternoon a much needed hoof up the proverbial backside. Subtle, minimal rhythms reminiscent of Hawtin here creep and twitch unnervingly beneath the subtlest of synth swells and rash top-end interjections. Factor in the baleful thrum what propels this one and you've something mightily burly with which to clobber Stoke Newington into a jittering state of submission.

Rocketnumbernine play The Waiting Room of N16 this Thursday imminent.