On the Horizon: Granite Crush, Black Marble.

It's on days like today that the muggy humidities and generic hectics of London truly disenchant. It's hot out; everything feels heavy. And although enigmatic 'coldwave' pairing Black Marble may hail from the creative bustle that is Brooklyn,  if you – like me and you and everyone we know – have no pool to go dive into then this icy wash of synthetic beauty ought restore a respectable ºC throughout your weekend-wearied soma. Like Cold Cave with the crap cut, A Great Design is just that and is to be the first single from the duo's début LP A Different Arrangement (expected October 9th via Hardly Art). If this and that (that being their Weight Against The Door EP) be anything to go by then it'll be as enlightening a darkwave release as any.

Black Marble's Bandcamp.