On the Horizon: Piecing Shit Together, Crap Collage.

Been staving off throwing something together and seeing what sticks on Manchester trio Crap Collage for a week or so now ever since the seemingly bedroom-based troupe were brought to my attention by the ever attuned Jamie Milton although the unmistakable irresistibility of début track DELAYY finally went and caught up with me. You could say its overriding chill lingered atop the notches of my spine; lurching grimly over the nervous system as though some malevolent sprite. Perhaps slightly self-depreciatingly ready-branded beneath the banner of the now deceased chillwave pseudo-genre (rest in disrepute) the track itself rests atop undulations of click, clack and glittery synth slack for sure and if but fleeting and momentary – as was the stylistic fad aforesaid – then so be it. For although still sketchy, DELAYY is a scintillating glimmer of unspeakable superlative.

Crap Collage's Bandcamp.