On the Horizon: Snow-Tipped Seduction, Susanne Sundfør.

If consummate sirens are an endangered breed upon these British Isles then upon fjords Nordic they're bountiful; perched atop vertiginous iced escarpments exuding the off-kilter seduction of, say, Haugesund's Susanne Sundfør. Lifted from forthcoming fifth and Norwegian #1 The Silicone Veil (expected October 8th), lead single White Foxes is the sort of sparse, startling and wondrously disconcerting recording expected of Tomas Alfredson were the bespectacled Swede to drift off into all things musical. Wonderfully wonky, if its verse plays upon a lulling Satie-cum-Nona Marie Invie serenity then its chorus comes across as the arpeggiated loss of plot: "And now I wish to God that the earth would turn cold/ And my heart would forget it's made of glass/ And all the pretty tulips would disappear/ And never disturb me again" she quasi-caterwauls in beautifully bleak imagery. The rimy goddess of Scandi-sulk that Ane Brun's tremendously warm heart never allowed her to become, Sundfør seems worthy of veritable exaltation.

Susanne Sundfør's Soundcloud.