What's He Good For? Eye In The Sky. Gary War.

Despite the above image depicting an entirely disorientating perforated acid tab blotter, we've not diverged from bloggery only to descend into the scouring of grubby lab floors for a momentarily legal, if never legit alternative to the ROFLCOPTR inebriant. P4ks and career-shackling investigative papers away, now. And nope, nor is it the LP artwork to which Animal Collective have resorted having scrapped that unspeakably atrocious initial sleeve for forthcoming ninth Centipede Hz. Nah, it is instead the imagery that'll encase Gary War's first evuh UK release, New Raytheonport. Having previously spraycanned a proverbial tag or two onto the inconsistent oeuvre of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, the ethereal yet incontestably great Eye In The Sky (yep, an Alan Parsons Project rethink) stinks of the psychedelic claustrophobia that rendered, say, Warm Copy quite so special; so spectacular; so unrepeatable perhaps. War's vox swallow lyrics as they're in turn devoured by dense smogs of reverb and further masticated by chorus-laden bass guitar.

New Raytheonport is expected August 27th via Care In The Community.