Get Ahold of This, No Doubt.

With Lady Gaga getting progressively less goo-goo and Madonna now indubitably non compos mentis, there's never been a better time for Gwen Stefani to go bananas with her self-professed shit. Although the prospect of this current, if ever inevitable No Doubt reunion isn't quite as nourishing on the old ears as it may well have been had all that umming and ahhing not been quite so protracted I'll unashamedly express some thrill at having she and they back with us. This Major Lazer rework of Settle Down ain't exactly the finished article in any respect: it's tarnished with Diplo's proclivity for non-mark plimsole squeaks and only intimates the Gagantuan reggae pop banga buried beneath the acerbic breaks, flatulent wobbles and gymhall peeps aforementioned although it's still the closest to histrionic pop perfection we've come in a fair old while.

Settle Down is out September 16th and is lifted from Push And Shove, out the following week.