On the Horizon: Smooth as... Silkies.

Never had the surefire pleasure of frequenting SXSW although making me yearn to voyage to Austin that little bit more are Silkies: if it may be mildly oxymoronic to draw inspiration from both revered riot grrrl outfits Bratmobile, L7 and so on, and a vilified record producer renowned for his contemptible disdain for all belonging to the female gender then Like One is a discernibly more direct and straight-up surf roller. The sort you envisage yourself blithely blading to in that John Hughes-directed dream where the alternative leftfield ousts the frats and prissy brats in those all-important social stakes, it's an expeditious raucous redolent of a dishevelled Nancy Sinatra fronting Let's Stay Friends although essentially, it's substantially more compelling than any evening out – or indeed in – with Tim Harrington.