On the Horizon: Gelid Ascent, Astronauts, etc.

Whilst Mystery Colors, a primary peep at Astronauts, etc. may sound like a chilly yet heartwarming amalgam of oodles of good stuff (vocally reminiscent of Peter Silberman; rhythmically redolent of Two Dancers; momentarily evocative of xx sparsity, etc.) the backstory to Berkeley's swiftly ascending dream popster Anthony Ferraro contrasts with that of every contemporary cross-referenced above. For Ferraro's introspective (see lyrics of gazing "into the centre of the spinning wheel"), self-scrutinising electro pop proclivities were nurtured once arthritis had hampered his all but every hope of becoming a professional classical pianist. Triumph in tragedy, it's a tender piece – all tepid, tangible percussions and cushioned falsetto. Mystery Colors is lifted off the début EP entitled Supermelodic Pulp, which is expected September 8th.

Astronauts, etc.'s Bandcamp.