On the Horizon: Dreams Die, The Luyas.

In this technologically enhanced day and age in which knowledge may be instantaneously enriched with the brief perusal of any which webpage, it'd be smoother and moreover swifter to do some reading up on Montréal's The Luyas than it would be to go saying that before yesterday I'd never even so much as heard of Jessie Stein et al. Shameful it may be, but it's true. Thankfully with that wrong righted, here's Fifty Fifty: the lead from what I've learnt to be the four-piece's third (entitled Animator and out on Dead Oceans this October) it's a blustery, emotive splutter of a song hinging on dancing Sufjan-themed strings, Stein's childlike chirrups of dreams dying and cinematic six strung backdrop. Like the ethereal coo of Kazu Makino swept in atop Dead Oceans and draped over Silversun Pickups' Carnavas, it's one of the most lulling things to have crept outta Canada since Bell Orchestre's Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light. That band members Pietro Amato and Stefan Schneider shadow as constituents of said troupe should come as little surprise therefore but if you, like me, have been surviving unawares of The Luyas there's far greater shock in store below.

The Luyas' Myspace.