On the Horizon: The Whole Hog, Unmade Bed.

Anyone: any notions of Sheffield sex shop etiquette? Or indeed of that which governs one-beds round the back? Ruffle the sheets in some unapologetically half-arsed imitation of effort, maybe? Irrespective, rather more known is Dorian Cox: the lynchpin of The Long Blondes (R.I.P.), having tragically suffered a stroke a few years ago he here returns quite triumphantly alongside lead vocalist Jeanie and the visibly rather more yee-haw Robert E. Lee of the remade/ remodelled Unmade Bed. Procreating a misty lo-fi disco that's of the musically feel-good yet lyrically, and therefore surreptitiously saddening variety à la Chic et al. Go The Whole Way is a gloriously coital affair: like Nite Jewel soaring on the most arousing of uppers at Nile Rodgers' wedding at the palpitating heart of some cross-temporal Shangri-La, sexual frustration and spurn never sounded so vitriolic nor vivacious.

Unmade Bed's Soundcloud.