On the Horizon: Focussing Attentions, Weird Rivers.

The pools of the blogosphere into which we may dip seemed to stagnate a little during Music Fan's Mic's gallivanting about the norths, souths, easts and wests of Europe, although all's well with this metaphysical world of sorts since Milton's return and there's some real lucid gleam to this here stream. Seeped outta NYC four-piece Weird Rivers, Charlatan comprises a stunningly emotive and strangely compelling few minutes to exude the untarnished exuberances of youf. Coming across as a trebly amalgam of Surfer Blood pre-domestic battery penchant and Real Estate circa autumn '09, it's unmistakably estival in vibe even if it continues to pour outdoors. Incontestably worth poring over 'til its ramshackle charms be well and truly soaked up by the old greyish matter.

Weird Rivers' Bandcamp.