Unleashed: Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! Devo.

That odious gobshite Mitt Romney's been doing his damnedest of late to exacerbate the hatred felt for the Republican Party worldwide with his ill-timed gaffes and misinformed gaucheries on everything from our cherished Olympics to his latest, a proverbial mooning of China's newly launched Space Program. Sure to irk the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals also is, or rather was his sadistic recount of strapping the Romney family's Irish setter Seamus – kennel 'n' all – to the roof rack of their '83 estate as they chugged the 1,000-odd kilometres across the northeasterly reaches of North America from Belmont, Massachusetts over to Beach O' Pines, Ontario. I ain't no activist, although I'd envisage it to be as cumbersome as the car in question to pen a song from the pup's viewpoint and that's where the touch of chip-fingered nut jobs Devo comes into this somewhat unorthodox equation.

Never ones to shy away from the contentious, the Ohio outfit are notoriously antiestablishment thus self-professed "animal lover" Jerry Casale veritably jumped at the chance to unleash heck on the ashen doofus via a siding with the Dogs Against Romney cause, and Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed) is the slobbering goof of their labours. A bluesy ooze evocative of Ray Parker, Jr.'s Ghostbusters theme were the thing smeared across a misty windscreen like a swarm of grotty buzz, it's an irrevocably '80s opus inclusive of the anticipated anti-Republican propaganda ("Your master's story seems airtight/ But something about it isn't right/ He'll say anything to win the race", they very much publicly decry). However humorous, yet politically charged discharge musical is, and most probably always will be in short supply outside of Trey Parker's South Park landscaping and in these three pop song-styled minutes Devo, as ever, achieve a sharply barbed sorta brilliance. "Seamus, Seamus/ Please come back/ Your former master/ Is on the attack", they plead with the expired pooch now presumably reposing beyond the grave before the line "If he was honest and told the truth/ He'd go to jail for what he did to you" further explicates the band's condemnatory stance. Strap the lad Mitt in a straightjacket and cart him off to the Federal Medical Center, Devens I'd reckon. For Romney is DEVOlution.

Forget Christmas in Harlem; Christmas with Devo on Long Island was where we were at...