On the Horizon: Sit Back & Unwind, Karma Kid.

Perhaps not the most inspiring piece of soi-disant UK Bass to weigh in at the more blissful end of the genre's vast and ludicrously varied spectrum; one ranging from the bowel-rupturing to the soul-caressing, but this latest one from Matlock's Karma Kid, entitled Lust, Love, is more than quite alright with us irregardless. Pumped with an infectiously carefree effervescence to cajole into early afternoon inebriation, it's one to savour. That its processed babbling, soft drops and scrupulously chiselled cut-offs recall many an afternoon spent roasting out in the Sónar de Día sun only serves to enamour further as its blithe guile flirts with the feel of a summer we never got given.

Karma Kid's Soundcloud.