On the Horizon: Bringing down the... WALL.

The first thing to not so much hit as caress you about Magazine is the fragility innately located within the voice of this as yet enigmatic London songstress operating under the nom de plume WALL. Pertaining to that same vulnerability to have made Lykke Li's Wounded Rhymes such a stirring listen – one exuding an excessive emotivity and one impossible to merely plaster over, the d├ębut single is one well worth affording a great deal more attention than a swift flick-through as whoever she may be softly peeps: "I wish that I was leaving for the sun this evening." With our every fleetingly dear athlete departed and a glum meteorological gloom already descended upon her native London it's a sentiment shared, and one superlatively underpinned by prickly rhythmic sparsity and dulcet Casiotones. Mercifully, she tonight play's Bethnal Green's Sebright Arms to alleviate the post-Olympic depression and general drear of this most drab of Augusts.

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