On the Horizon: Jarboe, Living.

The daughter of two FBI agents, the reputation of idiosyncratic New Orleans songstress Jane Jarboe has, alas, remained all too surreptitious for the most part. It's a fairly astonishing actuality once disclosed that she constituted the heart of Swans, alongside Michael Gira across the latter period of the past century. Then the atria to his ventricles, she now flies solo and indeed Indemnity is a full-blooded, if somehow disconcerting listen which gushes, then slows only to then fully flow through an arresting close of trembling piano refrain. A thoroughly engrossing and equally eccentric piece of genuine experimentation, this sort of recording really ought to secure a future away from Jarboe's past of "unorthodox sex work".

Indemnity is out now.