On the Horizon: Jumping from Bass, Sea of Palms.

Post-rock is always something of a precarious – and in certain instances pernicious term to go batting about with blithe abandon. Sorrowful guitars encumbered with the worthlessness of a leaden comedown writhing atop an almost motionless pace may feature within the fibres of other genres although play your frets right and few Bandcamp tags come charged with enough emotivity to crack even a Forsyth smile as that at issue. Birmingham, coincidentally, isn't exactly the first landlocked port into which your mind may call in search of a post-rock-engendered depression although Bruce Goodenough and Adam Beckley's Sea of Palms proffer minimalist despondency to maximum effect on Base Jumper: constructed almost exclusively of those morose guitars aforementioned and tempered only gently with field recordings immortalised about their native city centre, it's a stunningly affecting listen to soundtrack the gloomiest of midland morns.