Back from the ƒIN, John Talabot.

Having released one of the year's unexpected aural treats in ƒIN, and now touting a tightly honed live show (the Cataluñan, alongside steadfast accomplice Pional, seduced a perfect Bestival sunset from an Isle of Wight horizon just last weekend) John Talabot has come on leaps and bounds in these past six months alone. Were he once Cabrera, he's now Ibiza, and he's throwing down aptly joyous parties all over the place, if never enough in the UK. Many of these are soon set to take place upon North American soils as Talabot heads out to coexist alongside The xx rejuvenated, and it's on these dates where he'll be flogging off a 7", the grooves of which shall stream forth with unreleased material from the LP aforementioned. Mai Mes is an overwhelming surge of comparatively antiquated hip hop FX, expansive yet introverted slo-mo disco, and swirls of sonic that sound authentically heartfelt. However, it's Tragedial that far more forcefully avenges its omission from finalised tracklisting, as its icy frialdad is as though the blood pumper to Karin Dreijer Andersson's gelid Fever Ray work thawed out by the Med-via-Ohio heat of Teengirl Fantasy's End. An undisputed artist of our year.

DOWNLOAD: John Talabot, Mai Mes / John Talabot, Tragedial.

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