Exhuming Euphoria from the Gloom, Black Marble.

Coldwave Brooklynites Black Marble gave us a darn alright time with the chilly gusts of A Great Design way back when summer was once alive and well (or back in July to be a little less cryptic) and now that the season has all but shrivelled up on itself having been packed away with the fungus-ridden tent at last weekend's Bestival, the duo have warmed up somewhat. Like A Flock of Seagulls' I Ran fleeing a wondrously gangly bass hook, Static is dark, and broody, and more than a little arcane although in its dark niches resides some muted euphoria. A compulsive motorik pummel, the whole thing reeks of '80s hangover – that pungent whiff of upchucked wine cooler spewed down the front of fluoro lycra of something. It's one well worth knocking back irregardless, dubious analogies 'n' all.

Black Marble's Soundcloud.