Guess We'll Have Another, Lapalux.

I gots to confess that 'til today Essex' Stuart Howard was yet to impress me as he must've FlyLo. Recording under the Lapalux nom de plume, alongside the precisely tuned production expertise was promise unfulfilled. You always knew he had a Forgetting And Learning Again in him though; you just feared he may never blurt it out. It's here now, however, and it could be the track to propel the Brainfeeder boi to outer echelons intangible for the time being. Backed, or rather fronted by London Tape Club Records songstrel Kerry Leatham, this emotive R'n'B must be what so many hear in the urban pop suavity to Jessie Ware's Devotion. Again, can't find reason to believe in her fatuous rhymes yet this – this is lahvely.

Lapalux' Soundcloud.