On the Horizon: Copenhagen Change, Furns.

To paraphrase Regina Spektor's irksome witterings of tasting like birthday and looking like New Years,  this dreampop ditty veritably pongs of the changing of seasons as it reeks of transition; of changing natures; of hope renewed. Of sodden leaves, and autumnal shades, and so forth. Enough with the analogy already. Sticking with Scandinavia though – or Denmark to be precise – our attentions just turned from Thulebasen as ears tuned into Copenhagen's Furns: comprising lead vocalist Monika Faludi and softly constructed beat counterpart Mathias Dahl Andreasen, theirs is a blithe euphoria that's as though The Avalanches firmly took ahold of NIVA to shake most of the Swede's melancholia from his distress-ridden soma. Love Aches, although these few moments sincerely exude the soppy exuberance of an in every way sloppy first romance.

Furns' Soundcloud.