On the Horizon: The Greatest of Unknowns, Young Unknown.

Yes! This is it! This is what Ramona Gonzalez was gunning for yet, rather exasperatingly for all involved, never quite managed to shoot down. Sultry, soulful electro gently infused with the most effervescent chorus this side of sea level, Far Enough is a revelation. So much so that it's impossible not to spew hyperbole all down the front of the keyboard as though upchucked gulp of saltwater. As such, here be we. And, in short, it's splendiferous. One of these Young Unknowns (Meredith Meyer) lulls of residing out on "the border/ on the outskirts of the heart", whilst plucking barbed guitars atop a late '80s groove to bottom out even Ace of Base. Cymbals then crash like abnormally rampant waves thrashing against the banks of Manhattan, before ebbing away to leave a soft steelpan residue in their wake. I can't quite properly articulate how sublime this is. Stream and soak, I implore thee.

Young Unknowns' Soundcloud.