On the Horizon: Hazydayz, Lazyeyes.

It seems strangely apt that the imagery accompanying this so-called 'Rough Demo' (it's anything but, btw) from surfgaze Brooklynites Lazyeyes remind us quite so vividly of Barcelona beach. For from the wishy-washy vocals to the springy reverb settings to constitute track one of two, Weight, the musically exuberant trio come across as a beautiful, sun-smooched amalgam of everything alright heard wafting up and outta Parc del Fòrum come the end of every May.

A little less Deerhunter and all the more dreamy is its follow-up, Nostalgia. A heady blend of trebly tremolo, thalassic rhythmic surges and nasal slurs akin to Casablancas after a night, and with that a madrugada on the old Cruzcampo it's beautifully crafted stuff. And unthinkably so for three NYC boys miles from much prime beachline.

Lazyeyes' Bandcamp.