On the Horizon: Thrghly LDN, Thrnlly.

Not exactly the most logical progression from that Bare Pale track what just went up, although these two have more in common than purely being sat mano-a-mano amid this here HTML. Thrnlly (for the moment, although that may one day change to the commensurately unpronounceable Vegyn) is Kilburn's Joe Thornalley, and his first fully original track – counterintuitively entitled Mess – features Joe Corrigan (of Bare Pale, and here down as Vomit) on bass duties. What of it, then? Well, it ain't here purely to facilitate that darn smooth transitional blurb above; anything but. For Thornalley may yet prove to be the latest in an unending line of great British urban house producers, thus rendering Mess the tidy beginning of something BIG [CAPS, italics off]. Wompy, funky early morning Muzak that's as urbane as it is underground, it perfectly epitomises London's higgledy urban planning and the grand miscellany it brings. Suits, slugabeds, and so on. A mightily imposing introduction at any rate, and a smoking beacon of promise re: that which is to come. Thoroughly exciting.

Thrnlly's Soundcloud.