#SystemBlower, Death Grips.

The furore to have greeted Death Grips' major label début The Money Store surely can't have brought with it all that many gripes – it is and was to 2k12 hip hop what channel ORANGE is and was to contemporary R'n'B. And no matter how diligently any doubter may have strived to thwart the seductive-slash-savage moves made by either LP, resistance proved fucking futile. It was disappointing, therefore, that both artists erased UK dates once pencilled in over these now expeditiously diminishing summer months, especially given their respectively formidable live reps. Though in light of these nonevents and with the dust now settled somewhat as far as the former are concerned, their next sonic manoeuvre would have to be a robust one. That's where these few minutes of course come in. Few, however, would perhaps have anticipated @deathgripz: no longer purely a Twitter handle handily available at the time of their official account's creation, the track of the same stylisation signals a slight placation of the acidic rage to course through the record aforesaid as scintillating whooshes of synth haul Stefan Burnett's red-eyed rhymes through production values redolent of The Neptunes at their most pop 'n' glossy, like a blooded nude mercilessly heaved through sharpened briar. A different kinda brutal then this time, for the final and indeed ultimate instalment of the Adult Swim 2012 Singles Program.

DOWNLOAD: Death Grips, @deathgripz.

Death Grips belatedly play Camden's Electric Ballroom November 7th.