Back from Bern, Pablo Nouvelle.

We got ever so slightly overexcited by the arrival of the surely soon-to-be-eminent Fabio Friedli once he was to be found not exposing celluloid reel, but instead keeping it real deep musically under the guise of Pablo Nouvelle. Paul Lester even picked up on our undying amore for the smokin' samples and snowcapped solemnities of both You Do Me Wrong and True To Me, and there's not a single syncopated thwack of synthetic rhythm within this new cut, Winter in Helsinki, to dampen our slushy infatuation for Friedli. Like a more earthly Air, or the sultriest Groove Armada slo-funk ever stuffed down darkened vinyl ridges it's another waft of blissful rapture. Hunky yet never clunky, there's not a worldly macchiato you could possibly froth that'd be dirty enough for this to be smudged out into coffee table impassivity. You beautiful, beautiful man, Pablo, or Fabio, or whoever you are.

Pablo Nouvelle's Soundcloud.