Deeper & Dub, Peaking Lights.

It's pretty rad when bands go remixing themselves, or when individuals from such bands go rogue and reinterpret tracks perhaps as they'd always intended for them to be heard. It's rad (apologies – not a word I use often, although in this particular case it somehow seems apt) in both a positive, and progressive sense. And that's precisely what Peaking Lights have been up to, as Aaron Coyes transplants latest LP Lucifer deeper down into the wicked heart of dub. My Heart Dubs 4 U, an again in every respect wicked reworking (and again, apologies for a deficiency in vocab variation – late on a Friday, etc.) of Dream Beat, sounds pretty similar to its point of origin by and large although it's as though the bottom end were pumped up 'til bloated on its own rambunctious bass plod. Elsewhere, it's further embellished with their now signature bloops and shiny sheen pieces that render an albeit already known song one of the more exciting things hurled down ever open lugholes thus far today.

DOWNLOAD: Peaking Lights, My Heart Dubs 4 U.

Lucifer In Dub is expected December 10th via Domino imprint Weird World.