On the Horizon: leaving sunny days behind, slow skies.

The voice of Karen Margaret Sheridan may yet transpire to be one to part opinion as does that of Joanna Newsom. Both commensurately dulcet, if somewhat yowled slow skies is a project with more optimistic promise than a lucid, azure scrape of sky. Across The Sea sounds a little like a lot of The xx' Coexist – albeit disrobed of the excessive swathes of reverb – whilst Walk Me Home plods redolent of the indistinguishable vox of those CocoRosie sisters Cassady and their skewed, parochial chamber-folk. Although it's Ice Cream that, similarly anachronistic in chilling feel, takes the biscuit, flake, or saccharine alternative as it lullabies with the succulent deftness of her kinsmen and women, The Cranberries. "I left my sunny days behind/ My heart is emptier/ And where the sun felt from the sky/ I felt it heavier" Sheridan begins, before further distancing herself from our waking actualities. "All the life that I had seen washed away" she continues, and indeed slow skies operates on ethereal planes. It's majestic stuff, and goes against the generic drear giving the folk du jour a pejorative connotation.