Hysterically American, Sufjan Stevens.

Stumble upon any blog post today and you'll likely encounter some wistful thinking of the demise of summer. Come hither, however, and with this one we're already impatiently awaiting Christmas and the welcomely schmaltzy songs it brings. Somewhat subversively, the all-year-round-exemplary Sufjan Stevens is to release the next five volumes of his Songs For Christmas series on November 13th so we've only a little over a month to wait, and although it may be a little early to go quivering over its festive surrealities and cutesy carols as though we've mushy slush down the slacks, Christmas Unicorn is too superb to not esteem immediately.

A twelve minute-plus opus to rival Impossible Soul even, it sees the rosy-cheeked Asthmatic Kitty satirising the significance of the unicorn upon the "hysterically American" once the December furore descends. Featuring a fanatically hymnal interlude of Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart, bugles, and snow-capped harmonies it's an early seasonal pressie with bloody bells on. "I'm a pagan heresy/ I'm a tragical Catholic shrine/ I'm a little bit shy/ With a lazy eye/ And a penchant for sublime", Stevens chirrups in one of many limerick-like stanzas which do indeed encapsulate this referenced sublime. "I'm a Christmas unicorn/ In a uniform made of gold/ With a billy goat beard/ And a sorcerer's shield/ And a mistletoe on my nose", scrolls another with smooth beauty. Irrespective of festive beliefs – whether it is but a widely adhered to "construct of your mind" or otherwise – Sufjan's slipped a quite magical gift into early October. Down from the Soundcloud, and straight up the chimney. Bung this one on your iPhone and keep it smoking through to December 25th, why don'tcha.

Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas, Volumes 6 – 10 is expected November 13th on Asthmatic Kitty.