On the Horizon: Champing at the Bit, Dawn Hunger.

Benjamin John Power has been polishing up some of the most pristine drone ever exposed to never ready ears under the guise of Blanck Mass of late, although fellow Fuck Button Andrew Hung has, up until some time approximately around right about now, been rather more elusive artistically. Sure, he's been seen at nigh on every ATP since recollections foggier than a Minehead late morning were formed, treading the stench of rancid hotdogs into the carpets of Butlins with lurid pink Nikes but musically he's been all too absent from the soundscapes, loudscapes, and general landscape of contemporary British music. Mercifully, therefore, he now returns alongside screecher of great portent Claire Inglis and fellow dissonance generator, Matthew de Pulford, as the excellently designated Dawn Hunger. Stumbling Room (expected November 5th) is their opening gambit, and it recalls WIXIW were Liars headed up by Caroline Martial and hellbent on using only compressed samples of plimsols squeaking upon gym flooring for music menace. Been champing at the bit for something; anything from Hung, and this one vindicates my every impatient moment.

Dawn Hunger's Soundcloud.