On the Horizon: Back to Cumberland County, Jared Fairfield.

When I first happened upon Lisa/Liza, I took a lack of Facebook update for fact, and gathered Liza Victoria was coming at us from Santiago de Chile. Transpired she was instead operating outta Portland, Maine which, in truth, was somewhere I was then oblivious even to the existence of. Since this then though, I've embarked upon something of a musical voyage across the city's broad stylistic spectrum (The Milkman's Union are another smouldering beacon to have ignited intrigue thus far) and it's to Cumberland County that we today return. I've never been altogether hellbent on split 7"s and such unless there's an element of the exclusive, or a collaborative dynamic at play. And on this eleven-track sampler of sorts – entitled EMF – it's a first half comprising the dream-drenched work of trippy electropop practitioner Jared Fairfield (who I have a feeling might well be the artist otherwise known as Afraid that happens to be featured on the flipside) that's got me back in the US' northeasternmost state. Fair Skin ripples with the exoteric if still largely undiscovered, celestial oddness of BRAIDS and charts its mournful fall back down to our terrestrial terrains. At this point in prose, I'll often comment on the music doing this or contorting in on itself like that but honestly, I've no idea how Fairfield conjured this. It's fucking beautiful, and outstandingly so for something this incontestably synthetic.