On the Horizon: Cool to be Kind, Mean Lady.

I guess all kinds of different people start bands for reasons that differ hugely, although that favoured and explicitly articulated by Newark, Delaware duo Mean Lady is as good as any. This whole darn thing between multi-instrumentalists Sam Nobles and Katie Dill began (purportedly, I ought add) as an attempt at getting booked in for Tennessee beauty Bonnaroo. And, on the evidence of Bop Bop, that could quite feasibly become a tangible reality come June 2013. An initially soft 'n' simple hush evocative of Joan Wasser's emotive sonic swoonage, the track soon blooms into complex pop at its most arresting. Its effect is immediate; its impression everlasting. It's been with me all afternoon, at the very least. "Know I'm starting to realise I'm on my own", bemoans Dill on one of umpteen gloriously airy choruses although you sense they shan't be sorrowing over solitude for much time to come...

DOWNLOAD: Mean Lady, Bop Bop.

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