On the Horizon: Doing the Proverbial, DANCE.

So you're starting up a label. There's this mind-expanding, wunderkind hip hop producer operating outta Chicago, and a Grenadian crooner with a penchant for tanning oil that need reverberating off the world's four corners, so you go releasing their records on limited 12"s. Yet lodged down the back of the sofa that is your mind you've this dark ambient track nagging away at you. Could you really put it out on your own imprint? Wouldn't that just be a vainglorious form of self-aggrandisement? Or would it maybe, just maybe, be just about the best thing to grace the www. in a little old while? In the case of Sam Purcell, aka DANCE we're exorbitantly fortunate that he's done away with such anxieties and dropped Still from his very own Blank Mind. For most irrefutably, this one slides into the latter category. Flipside Ha sounds like Tyondai Braxton hurling old skool hip hop at NØ LØV∑ D∑∑P W∏B, although it's that A-side aforesaid that's the one the web will surely soon be jiving to. Baleful, nuanced in all the right places, and immaculately produced it's dance music at its most imperious. Featuring smoky brass redolent of that to have embellished much of the Lafayette Afro Rock Band's back catalogue, acerbic breaks and nifty scratches, and synths what glimmer like polychromatic oil slick it's darn masterful. Little wonder Purcell loosened the purse strings for another limited release then, eh?

BLNK003 is expected October 22nd.