On the Horizon: Drool. Wolf Alice.

I must say that the idea of stringent genre compartmentalisation appeals to me about as much as whatever gristly pucks they are being scoffed by north London trio Wolf Alice in the above photo. With the help of a hyphen here and a zany juxtaposition there, you can construct yourself the most entirely meaningless hybrid with which one may articulate nothing but pretension. It's a misdeed of which the majority of us are oft culpable, thus when bands come along flaunting taglines such as psychofreak poprock, well, I guess that's them skipping the sleazy burger and putting the spoons out for our just des(s)erts. Leaving You is, it must be said, rather tricky to stereotype. Good thing. Ellie Rowsell's dusty vocals operate within the husky parameters haunted by those of Stevie Nicks as they're layered abundantly to create an effect so bristly that it's something of a wonder she's not yet disguised by some faintly disgusting, burger-strewn beard. These contribute to the track's slow-smoulder, as she coos of splitting from an unidentified other with a startling sense of triumph. "It's been a long time coming/ But I've been afraid of how to lead the life that I have made", she tells as the bluesy pomp of an instrumental chorus really kicks up. Whatever you wanna call it, Wolf Alice got us drooling already.

Wolf Alice's Soundcloud.