On the Horizon: Forget About the Downtimes, Lulu James.

So recently I got a slightly existence-affirming invite to do something major that I've since been doing my damnedest not to blab about obstreperously and indeed omnipresently. So far, so good. Not even an ambiguous tweet or owt. However this clandestine development has prompted me to scrub the blear from opaque eyes and wash the ol' ears out. Gots to be getting me some slightly more hi-fi grooves, as a direct result. And that's precisely what this is from Tyneside's Lulu James. Be Safe – produced by Scot rave heavyweight Hostage and future bass upstart Matt Relton, aka Kidnap Kid – is an immaculate, yet still smouldering hunk of seductive '21st Century Soul'. James' description; not mine. Although it couldn't possibly be more acute: having been hooked on the likes of Heatwave (inadvertently referenced within this latest track, coincidentally) and The Real Thing for the most part of last week, I was internally bemoaning the deficiency in anything futuro-soul and with that worthwhile. Thankfully, this one then came along. "Use me as the guide to the right path", James croons over beats that oscillate neatly between glisten and glitch in order that they may be best suited to both FM and HypeM, and that's another invitation that's just too pure to turn down. Turn it up, and abandon lunch if necessary.

Lulu James' Soundcloud.